Find the real reason you want to lose weight

How important is it to you that you reach your goals? The answer probably depends on why you want to achieve them.  Have you thought about it; made a list?  This is a critical, and often over-looked, step in accomplishing your goals.  For me, the single most important factor in whether I achieve a fitness goal is whether I have asked myself why I want to achieve it.  Inevitably, I have a really good reason, and the awareness of the reason adds a little substance to the motivation….and then I’m off to the races!

The folks at HealthyWage, including the Biggest Losers, can pump you up and make you feel really motivated for a minute, but if you haven’t explored the reasons you want to lose weight, the motivational talks may be superficial.  What are your reasons for wanting to lose weight?  Fitting into old clothes?  Avoiding health problems?  Feeling better about the way you look?   Having more energy?

Having a written list is also important because it will come in handy when you need to remind yourself later about the importance of your weight loss goals.  You will have rough times when stress, sadness, and all of the good and bad events of life make you want to eat.  Your weight loss motivations you’re your tools to remind yourself about what’s really important to you, rather than what may be tempting you for just a moment’s time.

I hate to show my bias, but HealthyWage is a great way to keep track of your motivations and how they tie into your goals.  If you haven’t signed up yet, you should do it soon.

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