Tips for Losing Weight During the COVID-19 Crisis

With the spread of COVID-19 causing schools and establishments to temporarily close, many of us are feeling anxious and helpless right now. While it may seem like the only resort is to curl up in a ball and gorge on ice cream and wine, the truth is, now more than ever is the best time to focus on your health…including weight loss.

Trust me, I get it. When COVID-19 first hit my community and I was told I’d be confined to the home with two kids under the age of four, I immediately turned to chips and ice cream to stress eat my way through the news. Problem was, the chips and ice cream not only left me feeling bloated and sluggish, it also didn’t solve any problems. I’m less than 20 pounds away from my goal weight and I REFUSE to let COVID-19 backtrack all the progress I’ve made these past several months. So, instead of coming out of hibernation 20 pounds heavier, I plan to be closer to (if not at) my goal weight.

And since social gatherings are nixed for the time being, why not take advantage of this opportunity to lose weight with temptations being at an all-time low? I may not be able to control outside circumstances but I can control my weight loss.

Eating Healthy During Quarantine

Since I stick mostly to fresh foods, I’m continuing to do so while I can; however, I am prepared in case my family and I are completely confined to the house for two weeks. When stocking up on items, I stuck to foods we already eat:

  • Frozen veggies (spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potato, and bell peppers).
  • Frozen fruit (great for making smoothies).
  • Brown rice, whole wheat pasta, and oatmeal.
  • Frozen shrimp, chicken, and turkey burgers.

Need some ideas? Check out this article from Lose It! on how to stock your pantry and fridge with healthy items.

Working Out At Home

Don’t let gym closures halt your exercise regimen. There’s tons of at-home and outdoor workouts you can do. After having my first kid, I switched from gyms and yoga studios to at-home workouts as it was the most convenient for my new lifestyle. I’ve not only saved a ton of money, but have also been more consistent because of convenience and the fact I have ZERO excuses now. 

Before browsing online workouts, first check with your gym as many are offering free online classes to members while their doors are closed. In addition, multiple fitness apps and websites are currently offering free access for new subscribers:

And these aren’t your only options! Check out our list of at-home workout programs and resources, as well as HIIT exercises you can do in the safety and comfort of your own home. Who knows, you might find you actually prefer working out at home as opposed to the gym. For me personally, my daily workouts in the living room have been a nice constant during this chaos, not to mention highly therapeutic!

If you’re concerned about having the proper equipment, you can always invest in some basic equipment or even use household items (i.e. cans of soups as hand weights). Don’t be afraid to get creative and step outside the box!

Focus on Your Health

Whether you’re confined to the house or still working outside the home, it’s important now more than ever to make your health a priority. Don’t let the COVID-19 crisis be your excuse to fall into unhealthy habits. Instead, use it as an opportunity to eat well, workout, and focus on your well-being.

And, if you’re looking for a new project that will not only reward your health but wallet too, check out the HealthyWager. It’s an individual weight loss challenge customized to you where you pick your weight loss goal, timeframe you want to lose it in, and prize (up to $10,000)! Ready to get started? Enter your information in the HealthyWage Prize Calculator to find out how much you can win!

Amanda Stewart

As a mom of two littles, Amanda knows firsthand the struggles of balancing a busy schedule with a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to the magical powers of coffee, she oversees HealthyWage's winners relations, where she gets to chat with participants and learn about their weight loss journey. Amanda enjoys helping our winners share their success and hopefully inspiring others. If you've achieved success with HealthyWage and would like to share your story, please contact Amanda at [email protected]

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