Top 10 Ways to Spend Your HealthyWage Winnings!


We have been talking to *a lot* of winners lately, and one of our favorite questions to ask is, “So, what are you going to do with all that money?!” And we LOVE what we’re hearing! So many great ideas, so many fun things, and even a few surprises!

But we thought we’d pass along what we’ve heard most often to help inspire you to get thinking, “what WILL I do with the cash when I win?” So here they are…


The Top 10 Ways to Spend Your HealthyWage Winnings!

10. Get a gym membership/personal trainer
Yes! We love this one! Invest the money back in YOU! You deserve it, you’ve worked hard! And now it IS time to maintain….

9. Get a new car/car down payment
Fun! It’s a perfect time to reward yourself for a job well done, and non-food rewards are the best way to go! Way to go big with this one guys, I mean what else can you do when you’ve got a big wad of extra cash laying around?

8. Take up a hobby/invest in a hobby
“All of a sudden, I’m a runner!” Or swap “runner” with any number of things – biker, swimmer, lifter! With losing the weight and getting active, our winners are discovering their inner athletes and feeling good enough to take up all kinds of hobbies, both old and new! Accessories, clothing, equipment, entry fees…that can all start to add up, so we think this is another A+ way to spend your new found money!

7. New appliances
Believe it or not, we’ve heard this one more than once and actually, quite often! You’re not alone if this is on your list of to-do’s once that cash rolls in. New refrigerator, washer/dryer and dishwasher seem to be the most popular!

6. Invest
You know what they say, gotta have money to make money! And you just worked hard for your money, now’s a great time to make it go to work for you.

5. Pay down debt
While it may not be the “fun” thing to do, it’s definitely the smart thing to do! Credit cards, student loans, mortgage payments, car repairs, you name it – paying down debt definitely feels good!

4. Donate to charity
Awww…we’re big givers here at HealthyWage, so we really appreciate this one. Way to look out for others and feel good for doing it!

3. Wedding plans
SO many of you come to HealthyWage ready to lose weight for the big day! So why not throw some of that money toward the main event?! We had one winner have to go shopping for a new dress because she lost so much weight! Glad she had the cash to cover that!

2. Vacation
Awww yeah…get ready to hit the sun and the surf with that new bod! This is a super popular use of your winnings, from trips to Cancun and Alaska, we’ve heard it all. Everyone needs to unwind once in a while – believe it or not stress management is crucial to weight loss success and maintenance, so we give this one two thumbs up!

1. New Wardrobe!
No surprise here, right? This tops our list of things to do with your HealthyWage winnings because well, droopy drawers just don’t cut it after awhile, amiright?! Out with the old and in with the new (and smaller! and cuter!) is the refrain of the majority of our winners after they shed their weight and pocket their hard earned cash! And here’s a pro-tip: get rid of all those clothes that are too big, you don’t need them anymore!

Bonus Idea: Start a New Challenge

Many of our participants love the weight loss motivation they get from our challenges and they want to keep it going. If you’re in that same boat, use your winnings to start a new challenge and increase your final prize amount exponentially! There are new challenges starting all the time – check out the Challenge Directory to find the right one for you!

What will YOU do when you lose the weight and collect your winnings? Let us know in the comments if it’s one of these or something different!

If you haven’t started your weight loss challenge yet, what are you waiting for? It’s your turn to win money for losing weight! Play with our prize calculator today, sign up, and then start making plans for your winnings!

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