7 Ways to Get Extra Steps Each Day


Whether you’re participating in one of our Step Challenges, or just focusing on moving more for your weight loss journey and/or overall health, you’ve probably encountered days where hitting your step goal seems impossible. On those days, you’ll appreciate the below tips to help get those extra steps in.

  1. Park farther away. Stop fighting over those precious first-row spots and park your car in the farthest corner of the parking lot, whether it’s at work, the kids’ school, or the gym. Every extra minute of walking you do from your car door to that building’s door is worth 84 steps.
  2. Get familiar with the restrooms on different floors. Use the restroom one floor down (or up) at work instead of heading for the one just down the hall.
  3. Set reminders for yourself. People are busier than ever and it’s easy to forget about your walking goals. Set a reminder on your work calendar that encourages you to walk a few laps around the office every hour. Set an alarm on your phone that urges you to go for a walk before or after you eat dinner.
  4. Walk Around the House While You’re Brushing Your Teeth. Do it for about two minutes and you’ve earned around 100 steps or more.
  5. Don’t just stand there! When your goal is to keep moving, keep moving. When you’re standing around waiting, just start pacing. If you can’t pace, walk in place.
  6. Walk instead of waiting. If your early for an appointment or waiting for your kid’s dance class to finish, talk a quick walk around the block or parking lot.
  7. Become inefficient. Instead of trying to get everything upstairs all at once, take only one thing at a time and make several different trips.

Considering that, on average, one minute of walking equals 84 steps*, you can see how quickly these little actions add up.

Still not enough? Check out this awesome list of 100 ways to add 2,000 steps from America On The Move.

And once your ready to put your money where your feet are, make sure you sign up for one of our upcoming Step Challenges.


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