Spinning® is Thinning

Do you ever get bored with working out? We all do! Most people fall off the wagon with exercise programs simply because they are bored with a monotonous routine of repetition and “snail-paced” progress. Well for those of you looking for a little pep in your step, Spinning® is the answer!

I was first introduced to Spinning® (or indoor cycling) on “The Biggest Loser” ranch back in 2007. I really must attribute a large part of my weight loss successes to the benefits of spin classes. For those of you new to Spinning®, imagine a stationary bike with resistance capability to simulate uphill, downhill, and flat surfaces. The seat of the bike, also known as the “saddle”, is where you continuously move in upward and downward motions to the beat of fast paced, energetic, and upbeat music. Imagine Dance Revolution meets Night Club, meets Tour de France! Spinning® is legitimately the best workout I have experienced for accelerating weight loss progress and obtaining an incredible physique.

Now aside from how fun Spinning® can be, obviously there are great health benefits to these cycling classes from both a weight loss and general fitness perspective.

Spinning® is:

(1) A very low-impact form of exercise for your knees and weight bearing joints.

Spinning® simply does not cause the same type of “wear and tear” on your body that some other forms of cardiovascular exercises can.

(2) A great way to burn an insane amount of calories.

One hour of an intense Spinning® workout can burn upwards of 1000 calories. Good luck finding many forms of exercise that can provide any more bang for your buck than that!

(3) One of the best workouts for boosting cardiovascular endurance.

Spin classes use the basis of interval training, which constantly changes your heart rate from resting to elevated states throughout the workout.

(4) Great for sculpting your lower body and building lean muscle mass.

The ability of added and decreased resistance really works those legs muscles. Ladies take note, those “notorious” problem areas with your hips and thighs will soon be gone before you know it!

(5) Very helpful for reducing body fat, losing inches, and general body shaping.

In just a matter of 2-3 weeks you can see changes in your measurements and numbers on the scale.

(6) A great tool for stress relief and stress management.

Spin classes can provide a great natural high and endorphin rush just from the fun and energetic environment.

(7) A way to increase your energy level.

After the initial soreness subsides, your energy level during day to day activities will increase exponentially over time.

(8) A great way to lose weight and keep it off.

Just one spin class per week, has been my key to maintaining more than 200 lbs of weight loss for over two and a half years.

So really give Spinning® a fair chance because it has worked wonders for my health. A few last things to be mindful of… Your butt may take several weeks to get used to the saddle. No pain no gain as they say! Start by going at your own pace in the beginning. You will not be Lance Armstrong overnight! But if you stick with it, you WILL get in better shape, you WILL start losing a few pounds in the process, and you WILL get faster and faster with each spin class you take. I promise once you hit your stride, you will soon see the best weight loss results in the shortest amount of time. After all, Spinning is Thinning!

For more information on Spinning® contact local fitness centers in your area that offer classes or checkout www.spinning.com. I also always recommend HealthyWage to anyone who wants to make their weight loss journey more effective and fun.   HealthyWage provides health incentives for everyone, and makes accountability exciting. Recent studies show that incentives increase your odds of success.  So check it out and keep up the good work!

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  1. Great article!!! I started spining a few weeks ago have gone 7 times. I cannot wait to see the scale go down! I am 46 and 160 5’4. Never been this big. I have a wedding 5/16/15 and I so want to get down to 135. I sure hope I reach my goal! Love the encouragment!

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