How to get addicted to exercise

I used to think I didn’t have an athletic bone in my body, and resented anyone who had an easy time of exercising and staying fit.  I never thought I would end up being an exercise addict, and total fitness nut.  It really wasn’t a big change, and anyone can do it!  Getting addicted to exercise helped me lose weight, and has helped me stay healthy!

Here are a few ideas for getting addicted to exercise.  Give something a try, and let me know how it goes, or tell me your alternative suggestions!

  • List your favorite physical activities.  Like to peel carrots?  I didn’t think so!  But maybe you like to dance in your living room?  There’s no shame in sweating to the oldies with Richard Simmons!  How about walking the dog?  Playing with your kids?  Trimming the hedges?  Ideally, you’ll find something that makes you sweat, but ANYTHING that gets you off the couch is probably a step in the right direction.
  • Go to the gym and try something new—even silly.  Ever tried kick-boxing?  Don’t worry—everybody feels as embarrassed as you will when you walk in for the first time.  It is worth crossing that hump!  Make it your goal to try three new activities in the next two weeks…even if you hate them all, you will become familiar with the gym and you might find yourself hanging out there a bit more often!
  • Identify potential activities, based on family member capabilities.  I NEVER would have guessed I’d become a runner.  I HATED running, but my dad and grandfathers had been joggers, and one month, during a fit of motivation, I started pushing myself to jog…just fifteen or twenty minutes every other day—and mostly I just walked.  I slowly pushed my endurance level higher and higher.   Now, I’ve been running long-distance for years, and I am completely addicted to it—when a day goes by without that endorphin rush (sometimes called a “runner’s high”), I feel crazy!  So, there is rarely a day that I don’t get a run in!  Identify your potential secret athletic talents…  Make a list!  No one’s going to see it, so put down whatever comes to mind, and then give it some thought!
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