How Money Helped These Women Lose Weight

Ready to get paid to lose weight? Enter your info into the Prize Calculator and see how much money you’ll win!

“I feel alive.  I have my confidence back.  More than anything it’s given me a ton of energy,” says Jennie, describing the recent transformation in her life.  

Prior to losing 51 pounds this year, she says, “I totally hated taking pictures.  I would always be the one with the camera to make sure everybody else was in the photos and not me.  We even skipped family photos last year because I didn’t want to do them.”

In January of 2016, Jennie weighed almost 200 pounds – and knew it was time for a change

Being overweight robbed her of her self-confidence.  “You don’t feel like yourself. I felt like people treated me differently when I was overweight, they didn’t take me as seriously or respect me,” she explains.

Jennie was an avid runner prior to having her children, but then things changed — she gained weight and could not get rid of it.  “I just told myself I would snack less and run more, but it never really stuck.”

Then, last year, she saw the winners of a HealthyWage weight loss contest featured on Good Morning America and became very curious.  Large cash prizes for losing weight sounded too good to be true, but, after investigating, she knew she had to give this a try.  That is how she discovered HealthyWage.

Nine months later in September, Jennie weighed in at about 138 pounds, below her target of 140!  She’s lost 51 pounds!


What was different this time around that really pushed her to succeed?  Through HealthyWage, Jennie placed a bet on her weight loss, and she won big.

She bet $60 a month for 8 months that she would lose at least 40 pounds.  Her final weigh-in confirmed that she had succeeded, and she received her winning prize of $886.92 (basically doubling her money).

Since winning her bet, Jennie has taken those family photos and is going on a trip to Cancun with her husband!

Get Paid to Lose Weight – We’re not joking

Maybe you’ve heard of this concept before and figured it was a scam; that’s the first thing that ran through my mind as well.  I thought that there would absolutely be some sort of catch that would rain on our parade after hearing of this amazing idea, but I haven’t found one.

Lose the weight you agreed to lose and they’ll pay you for it.  Everyone I have spoken with says it’s as simple as that.

Anastasia W. bet $167 per month for 18 months that she could lose 41 pounds in that time.  At the deadline, she weighed in and she nailed it!  She lost the 41 pounds and gained $10,000!

Karen J., who discovered HealthyWage after seeing it featured on an ABC News segment, lost 50 pounds in six months and won $1,764!

For Olga, getting paid to lose weight meant being able to reward herself for all of her hard work

Since discovering HealthyWage at her job, where she’s completed numerous challenges with her coworkers (HealthyWage runs corporate challenges for big companies, but you can participate on your own), Olga has lost 100 pounds!  She recently completed a HealthyWage bet where she wagered $20 a month for 7 months that she would lose 30 of those pounds.  She crushed it, earning $606.40!


The past few months with HealthyWage have changed Olga’s life and brought her back to her old self.  “I’ve gotten back into doing things that I loved to do when I was younger. I’m hiking a lot, I’m picking up tennis again, which I used to play in high school 16 years ago…Shopping is fun now! I’ve made it out of the plus size stores which has opened up oodles and oodles of opportunities for self-expression through clothes.”

Gather your weight loss motivation

For Olga, the money provided accountability, but it was not the only source of motivation.  Her family always encouraged her, and so did her real estate agent (who had lost 80 pounds), and a certain patient at her job that was struggling with obesity-related diseases.

“I would say that overall I really became the person I envisioned me to be,” explaining that it’s about more than just the financial incentive; she’s felt an improvement in her overall well-being.

With that inspiration, Olga says it started to get easier and easier for her

A former athlete and now mother to a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Olga is now back in touch with her old self playing sports she used to play in high school, like tennis, going hiking and participating in athletic events.

“I actually just did my first triathlon! It’s a personal victory that I succeeded, and now I’m training for a 5k… I’m inspired to live more of an active, healthier lifestyle, which I wouldn’t have been able to do before because of all of the aches and pains.”

For Darchelle W., knowing she put her own money on the line really woke her up and forced her to take control of her life, “By investing in myself each month for the wager, something within me shifted toward caring for myself, valuing myself, and fighting for me in ways that have gotten me back to my true self, my true figure, my internal freedom and yep, I’m even my running to some degree.”

And she’s stuck to her weight loss journey since collecting her winnings.

“I just have no idea where I would be if it weren’t for my sister who reached out to me in my pit, and HealthyWage who reached into my mess and helped me make some beauty.”

That’s what is great about HealthyWage. It’s not meant to be your diet plan, and although you can absolutely benefit from their community and tips, their main drive is to provide you with the incentive to lose the weight on your own.

It’s all up to you. You place the bet, you weigh in, and you decide the time frame and the amount of weight you want to lose.

There’s nothing about HealthyWage that literally makes you lose weight, it just pays you for your success.

For Kristen, controlling her diet and exercise plan on her own comes naturally to her.

“After starting down a path to a healthy lifestyle, I now get asked to “play run” with my nieces and love every second of the fact that I can keep up! I am so excited to be feeling great and being able to call myself a runner.”

How HealthyWager works

  1. Starting with the HealthyWage Prize Calculator, you’ll submit how much weight you want to lose (10-150 pounds, at least 10% of your current weight), how long you believe it will take you to lose the weight (6-18 months) and how much you want to wager ($20-$150 per month).

Based on that information, the calculator will provide you with your prize amount, up to $10,000.

You can play with the calculator until you get the numbers you’re looking for.

  1. Sign up and lay down your bet. You agree to pay the monthly amount for the duration of the challenge.
  2. Succeed at losing the weight and win your prize!

At the start of the challenge and at the end, you’ll submit a video weigh-in to depict your weight loss via the HealthyWage app, only taking about 30 seconds to complete.

You’ll start and end your challenge with a video-recorded weigh-in to demonstrate your weight loss.

If you do not achieve your goal, your money goes to support HealthyWage, including prizes for those who achieve their goals.

Ready to get paid to lose weight? Enter your info into the Prize Calculator and see how much money you’ll win!

Share your story: What has helped you with your weight loss?

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