How Losing Weight Is Helping This Woman Buy a Home

Ready to get paid to lose weight? Enter your info into the Prize Calculator and see how much money you’ll win!

When you’re a single mother of three, it can be a struggle to provide a solid roof for your family’s heads, especially when you’re battling obesity.  Michelle knew two things:  that she needed to get healthy and that she wanted to give her family a place to call home.

Michelle had been overweight for years, frequently trying different ways to exercise and diet, but nothing seemed to stick.  “It was a little embarrassing at times, especially when I would look at pictures from before I had gotten bigger. I didn’t even like to take pictures at all.” That combined with the fact that she had family members who passed away from illnesses related to being overweight, such as heart disease and diabetes, forced her to truly look at herself and know that she needed to find a way to commit.

Then one day Michelle saw an article on Facebook about how she could get paid to lose weight, and she was curious!

She was excited about the possibility that two parts of her life that she needed assistance with could come together in one single effort; if she lost weight, she could win money to put toward a down payment on a home.

The article she came across featured HealthyWage, a platform where participants can place a bet that they will achieve a certain weight loss goal, with prizes up to $10,000.  HealthyWage is basically a weight loss challenge but with cash prizes.

In order to win enough money to make a down payment on a house, Michelle knew that she would need to put up some of her own money for the bet.  She played with the HealthyWage Prize Calculator and figured out what it would take to earn a significant amount of money, as well as motivate her to lose the weight she needed to lose.  


“It was really a double win for me because the weight loss is one aspect but I also did the math and it was a 160% return on the money I put up” (she nearly tripled her investment).

Michelle worked hard to achieve her goal, and she nailed it!  She was awarded $3,300 for losing 68 pounds over a 10 month time period!


“I have more energy and it’s easier for me to shop for clothes. I look better, I feel better and I sleep better!”

Michelle has nothing but positive things to say about her experience with HealthyWage.  “I recommend HealthyWage to people all the time when they ask how I did it. The community there was supportive, it was very motivating to see that there are other people in the same boat and when I saw them achieve their goals and earn their prizes, it was really inspirational.”

Get Paid to Lose Weight — Seriously

It sounds too good to be true, I know.  I thought for sure there’d be a catch, but after talking with several people who lost weight using HealthyWage, I haven’t found a catch.

If you achieve your goal, the company pays you.  It’s as simple as that, everyone assures me.
Here are a few other HealthyWage winner stories:

For Jennie, losing weight meant being able to go on a trip with her husband.

She went from 189 pounds to 138 and earned $886!  As a result, she not only lost the weight and gained her happiness back, but she also booked a trip to Cancun with her loving and supportive husband!

For Jill, it meant buying herself the wardrobe she’s always wanted.  

“The financial payout was definitely a huge incentive.  I’ve already spent my ‘winnings’ on an entire new wardrobe, and have a vacation coming up next month where I’ll be wearing form fitting dresses and cute swimsuits along with my grown daughters,” she explained as she expressed her excitement about losing close to 50 pounds and earning $2,150 for it!

How HealthyWager works

  1. Starting with the HealthyWage Prize Calculator, you’ll submit how much weight you want to lose (10-150 pounds, at least 10% of your current weight), how long you believe it will take you to lose the weight (6-18 months) and how much you want to wager ($20-$150 per month).

Based on that information, the calculator will provide you with your prize amount, up to $10,000.

You can play with the calculator until you get the numbers you’re looking for.

  1. Sign up and lay down your bet. You agree to pay the monthly amount for the duration of the challenge.
  2. Succeed at losing the weight and win your prize!

At the start of the challenge and at the end, you’ll submit a video weigh-in to depict your weight loss via the HealthyWage app, only taking about 30 seconds to complete.

You’ll start and end your challenge with a video-recorded weigh-in to demonstrate your weight loss.

  1. If you do not achieve your goal, your money goes to support HealthyWage, including prizes for those who achieve their goals.

Ready to get paid to lose weight? Enter your info into the Prize Calculator and see how much money you’ll win!

Share your story: How have you been able to lose weight successfully?

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