HealthyWage and Negative Reviews

As with any company, HealthyWage has our share of negative online reviews; however, the vast majority of the reviews on HealthyWage you’ll come across are positive and far outweigh the negative reviews. If it’s one thing we recommend, it’s doing your research and that includes hearing from REAL participants about their REAL experiences. Read more about HealthyWage’s negative reviews and the common denominator many of them share.

Cheating. Most of our participants are honest; however, we unfortunately have come across our share of cheaters. Since it’s incredibly difficult and near impossible to cheat with HealthyWage, those who are caught, aren’t happy. So, what do they do because they’re upset they’re out of money? Go online and write a false and negative review with the hope that HealthyWage will give in and pay them despite the fact they cheated and didn’t actually win their challenge.

Another common negative reviewer? Those whose challenge deadlines are approaching and they know they won’t hit their goal. It’s sad but true. There are participants who sign up and are excited about transforming their health. However, life gets in the way, they forget about their weight loss and HealthyWage challenge, and before you know it, their challenge end date is approaching and they’re no where near their goal weight (that they set!). Since HealthyWage has a no-cancellation policy as part of keeping participants accountable to the weight loss goal they set themselves (we do have some exceptions), instead of taking accountability for not achieving their goal, they also submit negative online reviews with the hope that HealthyWage will refund them.

HealthyWage takes every review seriously and while there are some legit negative reviews, a majority of them are based on false allegations and blatant lies from participants caught cheating and those who failed to win their challenge. As we said before, researching and hearing from REAL participants is key in seeing if HealthyWage is right for you and your weight loss journey. You can check out more reviews from the BBB, where we have an A+ rating, as well as Sitejabber. Below are a few (of the MANY) positive and legit reviews from real participants:

Interested in HealthyWage but still a little suspicious? Check out our Success Stories and YouTube page featuring REAL winners with REAL success and see for yourself! In addition, we also have a Facebook group open to everyone where you can chat directly with real participants and hear about their experience. And, when you’re ready to take the plunge and invest in your weight loss, play with the free Prize Calculator to customize your personal weight loss challenge and see how much you can win!

Amanda Stewart

As a mom of two littles, Amanda knows firsthand the struggles of balancing a busy schedule with a healthy lifestyle (hint: it involves coffee...a lot of coffee). Having successfully shed the baby weight (and more!) by implementing a balanced, realistic lifestyle focused on nutrient-rich foods and daily workouts that vary between cardio, weight lifting, and pilates, Amanda loves to hear what's worked for others. Overseeing HealthyWage's winners relations, where she gets to chat with participants and learn about their weight loss journey, Amanda enjoys helping our winners share their success and hopefully inspiring others. If you've achieved success with HealthyWage and would like to share your story, please contact Amanda at [email protected].

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