Crazy for Crystal Light®

Yes the rumors are true… I’m totally obsessed with Crystal Light® :). For those of you who haven’t yet tried it, you are seriously missing out! In my opinion, Crystal Light® is the best low calorie beverage you can consume (other than water of course!). No, this is not a shameless plug for Crystal Light®. I’m not on the company’s payroll, nor do I know anyone who works for the Kraft Foods Company. I am just a huge fan! The way I see it, the human body typically requires at least 64 fl. ounces of water each day to stay optimally hydrated.  Water is the “life-blood” of our anatomy. Our bodies are comprised of 98% water after all. Also bear in mind that the more active you are, the more you perspire; and increased perspiration requires more water for your body to function properly. But what happens when you are just simply not in the mood for water? Sometimes we just need a little flavor in what we’re drinking, and not the same ol’ same ol’. Well, Crystal Light® has become my savior!

Nowadays, our culture revolves around a menu of soda, carbonated beverages, and fruit juices filled with sugar & high fructose corn syrup. Even as a kid growing up, I remember my lunch bag always containing a high sugar juice box packed with empty calories. Well think of Crystal Light® as an easy, low calorie option to ensure you consume your daily water needs. There are elements of artificial sweeteners in Crystal Light®, so I’m not saying to only drink a low calorie lemonade as a means of getting that H2O. But Crystal Light® is still a much better alternative than regular soda, and in some cases even diet soda. Diet sodas typically contain an artificial sweetener called Aspartame; which some medical studies indicate can hinder weight loss progress. No, this doesn’t mean you can never drink diet soda again. In moderation, everything is OK for the most part. But many Crystal Light® flavors no longer use Aspartame in their recipes. Instead, they incorporate the sugar substitute Sucralose, which to date has minimal signs of influence on your weight.

Keep in mind that any liquids you consume, all count towards reaching your optimal level of hydration each day. If you stick with a low calorie drink, you can sweeten up your diet, find a great way of accomplishing your water intake for the day, and avoid any unwanted numbers on the scale all at once. With flavors ranging from lemonade, to fruit punch, and my personal favorite: peach iced tea; and for only 5 calories per an 8 fl. ounce serving, you can’t go wrong! So give it a shot next time you are out shopping in your local grocery store. You may just go Crazy for Crystal Light® like I do :).

I also always recommend HealthyWage to anyone who wants to make his or her weight loss journey more effective and fun. HealthyWage provides health incentives for everyone, and makes accountability exciting. Recent studies show that incentives increase your odds of success.  So check it out and keep up the good work!

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  1. This is a good post! I am doing a Lose 30 lbs in 90 Days weight loss challenge (which is on my blog) and one of the first things I decided to do was eliminate my liquid calories. I used to drink only soda, iced teas, YooHoos and vitamin water and no regular water as I hate the taste (or lack thereof). Switching to only water is almost impossible to me, so I started drinking crystal light when I just can’t bare drinking another 20oz bottle of water. Instead of an easy 800 liquid calories I used to take in, I only use about 10 on Crystal Light and water). Anyway, I am in love with it too (especially the fruit punch and pomegranate lemonade flavors). I’m still a little worried the CL mix isn’t the same as 20 oz of plain water, but it sure is better than the old alternatives. I’m at day 15 with no other drinks besides water and CL. I’m glad to see it’s helping you too!

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