How Renee B. Won $1,555 for Losing 51 Pounds

I was 43 years old with a newborn and 60 pounds overweight,” Renee B. recalls. “I was worn out and tired all the time. Life was stressful.”

Welcoming her third kid in July, Renee had a goal to lose the 60 pounds she’d gained during pregnancy by her daughter’s first birthday. After shedding 10 of those pounds by November, Renee wanted something to help motivate and keep her on track with her weight loss goal. Having seen HealthyWage on The Today Show a few years prior, Renee came across it again on Facebook and looked into the individual weight loss challenge. “When I signed up, I knew I had to [lose weight] because I’m betting on myself…I didn’t want to lose!”

Renee bet $60 a month for 9 months that she would lose 50 pounds.

“I gave myself a timeframe where it was feasible, but I could still win a good amount,” recounts Renee on customizing her weight loss challenge. “I liked playing with the calculator and seeing how much I could win and how long it would take.” Previously practicing a plant-based diet, Renee had become an “everything-based eater” with her last pregnancy and decided to tackle nutrition first. While she saw success in the past with a vegan lifestyle, this time, Renee “decided to focus more on plant-based and whole foods. I started with cooking at home, eating real foods, and it just went from there.”

With her nutrition intact, Renee began looking at different fitness programs. Due to the COVID outbreak in March 2020, gyms across the nation were closed and Renee was now working full-time from home while taking care of her baby. Instead of forgoing fitness, Renee decided to get creative and began seeking out online programs that she could fit in during lunch breaks and her daughter’s nap schedules. After finding success with YouTube fitness videos, Renee was then introduced to an online dance class held by a local studio and later joined an online kick-boxing class. Signing up for live classes was “another source of accountability that helped me stay consistent.” Accountability plus variety proved to be the magic equation when it came to Renee’s weight loss success.

When her final weigh-in confirmed she had actually surpassed her 50-pound goal and lost 51, Renee won $1,555!

Get Paid to Lose Weight — Seriously

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. If you stick to your goal and lose the weight you say you’re going to, HealthyWage pays you. Lose weight, win money — it’s as simple as that. 

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Amanda W. wanted to lose weight and gain some extra cash for her brother’s upcoming wedding. She achieved her goal of 60 pounds in 8 months and won $1,475!

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Find the Motivation You Need

For Renee, putting money on the line was the motivating factor she had been missing before. “I’m investing in myself and it’s an investment I don’t want to waste,” states Renee. “When you’re doing the monthly payments, it’s going to remind you. You have this deadline and on the app you can see where you should be versus where you are. It would help me snap out of it, like hey, you’re taking a break but you need to get back and focus! The deadline to weigh out kept me motivated and allowed me to see light at the end of the tunnel.”

HealthyWage helps you bet on yourself,” she says. “When you’re putting money into it, you’re saying you are worth the investment. Its more than just winning the money, which is great….but even more so, it’s a statement of yourself that you’re worth it.”

That’s an important key to this challenge. HealthyWage isn’t a diet program or weight loss regimen. While you’ll benefit from joining the community, reading tips and exchanging recipes, the company’s main purpose is facilitating your bet.

You put up the collateral and choose your payout amount. You conduct your weigh-ins. You choose your weight-loss goal and time frame.

“I liked that I could choose my own plan,” says Renee. “I want a healthy lifestyle but not to just win the bet. The bet is to help you stay accountable.”

“If I had lost weight on my own, I could just give myself so many different excuses and wouldn’t commit to a timeline,” she admits. “With HealthyWage, when I saw those dates come up and the weeks counting down to my end date, it helped me stay on track.”

Having surpassed her original goal and successfully losing over 50 pounds by her daughter’s first birthday, Renee feels amazing. “Working out and getting my diet where it needed to be gave me the energy to be there for my kids, be there for work, and I just feel so much better.”

I want to encourage those moms who have been told it’s going to be so hard for you to lose the weight and it’s going to be even harder because you’re an older mom (or an older person in general). I’m so glad I didn’t listen to that. You should stick to your goals because you CAN get there.”

How Does HealthyWager Work?

If you want to get paid to lose weight, here’s how to get started:

1. Start with the HealthyWage Prize Calculator, where you’ll enter how much weight you want to lose (10-150 pounds, minimum 10% of your starting weight), how long you’ll take (6 to 18 months) and how much you want to bet ($20-$150/month).

Based on that information, the calculator will determine your prize amount, up to $10,000. You can play with the calculator until you get the payout and goal just right, and you’ll know your payout amount before officially placing your bet.

2. Sign up and lay down your bet. You agree to pay the monthly amount for the duration of the challenge.

3. Achieve your weight-loss goal, and win your prize!

You’ll start and end your challenge with a video-recorded weigh-in to demonstrate your weight loss. Throughout the challenge, it’s recommended that you use the HealthyWage app to log weekly weigh-ins (these are just self-reported, not verified by video). It’s a great way to keep yourself accountable and on track to meeting your goal!

4. If you don’t hit your goal, your money goes to support HealthyWage, including prizes for others who achieve their goals.

Ready to get started? Enter your information in the HealthyWage Prize Calculator to find out how much you can win!

Amanda Stewart

As a mom of two littles, Amanda knows firsthand the struggles of balancing a busy schedule with a healthy lifestyle (hint: it involves coffee...a lot of coffee). Having successfully shed the baby weight (and more!) by implementing a balanced, realistic lifestyle focused on nutrient-rich foods and daily workouts that vary between cardio, weight lifting, and pilates, Amanda loves to hear what's worked for others. Overseeing HealthyWage's winners relations, where she gets to chat with participants and learn about their weight loss journey, Amanda enjoys helping our winners share their success and hopefully inspiring others. If you've achieved success with HealthyWage and would like to share your story, please contact Amanda at [email protected]

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