Carisa W. Lost 50 Pounds and Won $1,918!

With her 40th birthday approaching, Carisa W. was determined to get her health under control. “By being overweight, I was taking years off my life,” Carisa exclaims. “My biggest motivator was, I’m going to be 40. I needed to do something. I wasn’t happy, I was miserable.”

After hearing about HealthyWage through her employer, Carisa was intrigued and looked into the HealthyWager. “I thought, I could make some money, which is always a good thing. I invested in a good amount so I would be more motivated to stick with it.”

Carisa bet $100 a month for 6 months that she would lose 50 pounds. When her final weigh-in confirmed she had met her goal, Carisa won $1,918!

In order to meet her 50-pound weight loss goal, Carisa gave her diet a makeover by focusing on whole, clean ingredients and limiting her sugar intake. After implementing her new diet, Carisa began to see results and was ready to conquer her fear of the gym. “At first, I had anxiety [about going to the gym]. I was self-conscious and didn’t want anyone looking at me. Now, I feel like I belong there and people know me.”

50 pounds lighter, Carisa is not only in shape both physically and mentally, but she’s also ready to celebrate her 40th birthday. “Physically, I feel 100 times better. Some of the medical things I had before, I don’t experience anymore. I went through a divorce about 5 years ago, and being a single parent has been hard. This has given me a purpose again.”


Kate Miller
Kate Miller

Kate Miller, mom of 5, is on a mission to stay fit and healthy. As HealthyWage's Community Manager, she's fortunate to be surrounded by inspiring success stories day after day. Although she does get paid by HealthyWage, she is an independent mom blogger who works with HealthyWage because she thinks it is an incredible weight loss tool. In 2012, Kate lost 50 pounds and documented most of her journey right here on the HealthyWage blog. Since then, she's had to learn the subtle intricacies of staying on track by mastering the daily ebb and flow (and parties and holidays and periods of extreme laziness) of life.

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