5 People Reveal How They Won Money for Losing Weight

When it comes to losing weight, maintaining motivation is as big of a struggle for many people as dropping pounds. Between cravings, holidays, and plateaus, there are countless reasons why someone might lose their motivation and fall off of the weight loss wagon.

One thing that kept these 5 people motivated toward hitting their weight loss goals was winning money through a weight loss challenge with HealthyWage. Read on to find out more about their motivation.

1. “Getting paid to do it is even better…”

“I decided to do a HealthyWager because while losing weight and getting healthier is a prize in and of itself, getting paid to do it, is even better!”

Losing weight and gaining a healthy lifestyle has made a significant difference in Debby’s life, both physically and mentally. “I feel better about myself because I’m healthy and strong,” she says. “I’m finally making myself a priority.”

2. “My quality of life is so much better now…”

“When I was at my heaviest, it was always ‘go outside and play’ to my son.  Now, I say ‘let’s go outside and play.’ I want to thank HealthyWage because you have given me a means that I have not been able to do before. You’ve helped me go down the path that I wasn’t willing to go alone. My quality of life is so much better now.”

3. “I feel accomplished and proud…”

“Trying to lose weight forever” but never succeeding, Jessica came across HealthyWage online and was immediately intrigued. “I thought it was brilliant,” she recalls. “When I put my mind to something, I get it done. I knew myself well enough. I put out $450. For me, it was enough money on the line that I could do it.”

4. “I’m healthier AND have a lot more money”

“I’m very happy I did the HealthyWager! I’m healthier AND have a lot more money in my pocket now, which is going towards a down payment on putting a home on my property – big life change. My life is busier now but HealthyWage gave me the tools to partition time off for myself and be better equipped to deal with the stress.”

5. “HealthyWage kept me motivated and on track…”

The financial incentive for Tim was very important because he did not want to have to tell his wife that he blew the family budget plus he wanted to share the winnings with his family, so this kept him accountable throughout even with the holidays there to tempt him.

He relied on portion control, the financial finish line, and his family to stay motivated and meet his goals during the HealthyWage competition. “HealthyWage kept me motivated and on track. It’s a good way to keep the weight loss goals going, but it also became an opportunity to make money doing what I should have already been doing.”

Ready to bet on yourself? Enter your information in the HealthyWage Prize Calculator to find out how much you can win!


Kate Miller
Kate Miller

Kate Miller, mom of 5, is on a mission to stay fit and healthy. As HealthyWage's Community Manager, she's fortunate to be surrounded by inspiring success stories day after day. In 2012, Kate lost 50 pounds and documented most of her journey right here on the HealthyWage blog. Since then, she's had to learn the subtle intricacies of staying on track by mastering the daily ebb and flow (and parties and holidays and periods of extreme laziness) of life.

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