HealthyWage, which offers weight loss bets and challenges with cash prizes, sometimes arouses skepticism — people look for HealthyWage reviews and want to make sure HealthyWage is not a scam.

HealthyWage Reviews

We’ve compiled a mountain of evidence that HealthyWage is real and reputable

  • Testimonials in the Press.  The volume of reputable media organizations that have covered HealthyWage (e.g., Wall Street Journal, Consumer Reports, Good Morning America, etc.) is immense, but even more impressive are the statements in the articles and videos from HealthyWage participants and corporate clients (you do not need to participate through a company — you can participate on your own) who give glowing reviews of HealthyWage.  These testimonials are indisputably real.  A few examples (there are many, many more):

    Ben Carnes (a schoolteacher and football coach in Westfield, Ind) told National Public Radio (NPR) in this recent article all about his HealthyWage bet and weight loss.  Ben won about $1,500 for losing over 100 pounds.

    Barbara W. (a retired Vanderbilt nurse) told the Tennessean (one of Tennessee’s leading newspapers) in a recent article:  “the old saying ‘If it sounds too good to be true it probably is’ does NOT apply in this case . . . One of the best investments you can make is an investment in your health.”  (Barbara made $669 for losing 30 pounds).

    Some TV Testimonials:

    There are hundreds of additional testimonials on the HealthyWage press page and the HealthyWage success stories page.  For most people, the need for proof that HealthyWage is legit ends here.
  • Large Companies and Government Employers Trust HealthyWage.  Hundreds of large corporate and government clients rely on HealthyWage to power employee wellness.  Note:  You do not have to participate through your company — you can participate on your own.  As proof, many of these clients (and employees) have given public testimonials in the press. For example, a corporate executive from Domino’s  provided positive public testimony in this Employee Benefits News article (EBN is a major trade publication).  She describes how Domino’s has commissioned HealthyWage multiple times to offer nationwide HealthyWage challenges.  As another illustration, read this Washington Post article following the HealthyWage experience of employees at another HealthyWage client:  Meritus Health, a major DC-area health system.  There are literally hundreds of other examples of participants and corporate clients describing their positive experiences in the press — see HealthyWage press page.

    You do not have to participate through your company — you can participate on your own.
  • Facebook / Social Media.  The HealthyWage Facebook page contains 40,000+ likes from HealthyWage’s growing fanbase.  If you want to hear a review about a specific aspect of HealthyWage, post something on the HealthyWage Facebook wall and see what HealthyWage’s followers have to say.
  • Independent Reviews.  Many independent bloggers, writers, and reviewers have written about HealthyWage. This blogger was skeptical, but gave HealthyWage a try — check out the story on his blog (he even includes a photo of his check from HealthyWage).  Another example:  this blog article includes a screenshot of the winner’s Paypal records, showing the incoming payout from HealthyWage.  This blog article includes…a lot of enthusiasm!

  • Better Business Bureau Rating:  A+.